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Central Highlands - Victoria, Australia

This image details the typical 1939 regrowth of Mountain Ash within the region. This photograph was taken along the Upper Yarra Walking Track in between the New Federal Mill site and Starling Gap. As this forest has not been subject to recent clearfelling (ie within the last 30-40 years), the image reveals a heterogeneous forest habitat with mixed indigenous species.

This image was taken along Island Creek near the Ada Tree. This cool temperate rainforest is an example of the forest habitats found within the protected gullies of the region. This along with many of the other rainforest habitats survived the intense 1939 wildfires. This forest, with its old growth mountain ash are a clear example that naturally occurring tree killing wildfires do not completely kill all the trees but certain areas are left intact to progress in age. This also occurs in forests outside of rain forest habitats where a number of mountain ash trees will survive the tree killing wildfire, thus producing a mixed age forest. However, the practice of clearfelling prevents much of this, assuming single age regrowth.

This image is an old growth tree located on the periphery of the Island Creek rainforest. It too, survived the 1939 Wildfire.

These two images where taken in November of this year along the spur that runs inbetween the Starvation Creek and McMahons Creek Water Catchments for Melbourne Water. The clearfell coupe directly adjoins previous clearfell regrowth, thus eliminating the possibility for mature growth to eventuate. The forest will never reach beyond the age of 60-70 years under present harvesting regime. The location of this coupe is along Muddy Creek Road from Roy Hill looking towards Flowerpot Hill. The map reference is McCarthy, No.8022-2-1. The bearing of it is 37 degress, 48 minutes south (Lat)/145 degrees, 54 minutes east (long).

These images where taken in November this year along Big Creek Road where it crosses Starvaation Creek in the Starvation Creek Catchment for Melbourne Water. The images reveal clearfell in close vicinity to gullies and areas where regrowth has failed. This coupe is approx 1km west of the previous coupe, thus revealing that the coupes in this area of the Central Highlands are large and concentrated as opposed to small and dispersed of which the Our Forests, Our Future website claims!

These images of clearfelling were taken in November of this year ('02) along Big Creek Road within the vicinity of the intersection of it with Road 4 and 5. This coupe is also within the Starvation Creek Water Catchment and its bearings are 37 degrees, 48 minutes south (lat)/145 degrees, 52 minutes east (Long).

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