Number Ten: 15 September 002

Official government documents reveal the extent of forest industry corruption


Official government documents recently published on the internet reveal the amazing depth of corruption in PNGs logging industry and the pivotal role played by the largest logging operators.

These documents can be viewed and downloaded from:


The documents include government intelligence agency reports that detail the complete breakdown of governance in one Papuan province as a result of logging company greed. Payments to politicians, funding for political parties, illegal logging permits and misuse of government funds are all detailed in two reports.

The documents also include Court papers setting out the systematic fraud in the management of valuable teak resources by the PNG Forest Authority. Valid permits have been unlawfully terminated and other logging companies allowed illegal access, sometimes at night or on weekends.

The website also gives access to a report detailing the massive political web that is involved in promotion and protection of the illegal logging operations of Concord Pacific. In stunning detail the reports sets out how senior politicians and civil servants are connected to the illegal Kiunga-Aiambak logging project.

The internet publication of this material has led to recent vitriolic attacks on anti-logging groups in The National newspaper which is controlled by PNGs largest logging group, Rimbunan Hijau.

The National has carried Editorials personally attacking named NGO activists, has carried news stories that make fantastical claims about the benefits that will flow from new logging permits and has attacked the findings of the Ombudsman Commission in its recent report on Kamula Dosa.

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