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"Blowing the whistle on forestry corruption in Papua New Guinea"

The Masalai i Tokaut Library


  Compliance Audit Asengseng Consolidated, February 2005      Download

  Compliance Audit of Rottock bay, February 2005      Download


  Compliance Audit of Amanab 1-4, August 2004      Download

  Audit of Compliance East Awin, February 2004      Download

  Final Review of Wawoi Guavi, 2004      Download

  Observations on Wawoi Guavi Extension and Amendment, 6 April 2004      Download

  Confidential security brief on Wawoi Guavi, 25 April 2004      Download

  Situation Report on Wawoi Guavi, April 2004      Download

  Final Review of Vailala TRP, 2004      Download

  Final Individual Project Report on Vailala Block 1, April 2004      Download

  Final Individual Project Report on Vailala Blocks 2&3, April 2004      Download

  Final Individual Project Report on West Coast Manus, March 2004      Download

  Police Review Committee Submission, June 2004      Download

  Final Review of Passismanua, 2004      Download

  Final Review of Turama, April 2004      Download

  Report on Confidential Matters to Chief Secretary, 2004      Download


  Letter from Somare about allocation of Kamula Doso, 2003     Download


  Ombudsman Commission Report on Kamula Doso, July 2002      Download


  National Intelligence Brief, 8 September 2000      Download

  National Intelligence Organisation Field Report, June 2000      Download

  National Intelligence Organisation Report, 12 September 2000      Download

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