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Forest Action Trust


THE RAINFOREST PROJECT - or why the Bracks Government still logs rainforest and refuse to accept the umpires decison

(more at Victorian Rainforest Network) Focusing on Vic rainforest

Carbon Credits (also see Sinks That Stink)


This site isn't being updated at this time and is being kept for archival purposes.

June 1 2021

Some Google Earth Layers that people might find useful including the Current Timber Release Plan covering the period up to 2024.

May 20th 2018

As it turns out, this site is still being used and updated from time to time. A couple of recent developments to note:

1/ Friends of the Earth Melbourne has a new forest collective. We ran C.1992 - C.2005. The new collective started in the last couple of years. They should not be held responsible for anything we have said or done. We wish them well with their endeavours.

You can see what they're doing HERE.

2/ There is a new incarnation of the Melbourne Rainforest Action Group forming. It's still in its formative stage but the initial focus is on Ecuador. Relevant links will be provided as they come to hand. For the time being I'll compile information on that campaign HERE.

The new Rainforest Action Group (Melboure) website is up.

May 10th 2018

I've just noticed this site has been malfunctioning (for who knows how long as I haven't looked at it for years). I fixed that but realised many of the external links don't work anymore. I guess that's testament to the fact that we've been around for so long. This site was first started in the late 90's.

We keep this site going so you can learn from our experiences. We were all volunteers. No paid corporate "conservationists" involved with this group or site at all.

Rather than me try to fix or delete all these broken links, what you might be able to do is highlight the text and search for the item in your preferred search engine. Either copy/paste or right click and select the search option.

It worked on the first link below this. The original page has gone but I found a link to the conference papers.

Lots of links become redundant over time for various reasons. Government departments are notorious for creating links that soon become defunct.

Persevere and you'll find most of the information on this site is still out there on the web. Somewhere. Good luck.


The logging of pristine forests such as rainforest, mature and old growth forest (that is forests that have not been changed by modern forestry practices) still occurs in Victoria in 2011 - New Premier Ted Baillieu and the Liberal / National Coalition have stamped their (lack of) environmental credentials on government by re-introducing cattle into Victoria's high country parks.

Bushfire in the Landscape: Different values, a shared vision

23rd and 24th June 2011, Teacher's Federation Conference Centre, Sydney


Masalai i tokaut has been fighting corruption in the PNG forest industry since 2002. Their site is now being blocked in PNG. Apparently some powerful people don't want the truth getting out. There is a link to a mirror of their site underneath our header (top right).

Good Wood Guide

Old Growth forest still being decimated in East Gippsland

"Forest management is sustainable, we replace every tree that we log." - Forestry Myths


Rimbunan Hijau Watch PNG ( Papua New Guinea )

Pine and Eucalypt plantations

Is intensive tree cropping good for the earth?

Some "environmentalists" will tell you it is...but...

Hancock Watch & Australian Paper Watch


Update - Ban CCA - No CCA

Bushfire Dreaming: Aunty Betty King from south west Victoria-Copyright-

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