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The ultimate guide to the awful truth about forests, plantations and the future of life on earth itself...

Australia's Native Vegetation Map

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Environmental Directories - Odds and Ends - Water - Ecoforestry - Plantations - Fire

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Links to Victorian Forest Sites

Australian Paper - Exposes Australian Papers practices -


Goongerah Environment Centre Office (East Gippsland)

Strezlecki Ranges, Gippsland

Victorian Rainforest Network



Cycle for old growth forest

On Goolengook


No longer has an active forest campaign in Victoria! - Environment Victoria

Paperlinx Ethical Shareholders Group

OREN : Otway Ranges Environment Network

Central Highlands

Upper Bunyip Action Group

Actively Conserving Marysville Environs

Wombat forest activists

Enfield Forest Alliance

Environment East Gippsland nee Concerned Residents of East Gippsland (CROEG) 

Teachers for forest

Forest articles and letters

Lawyers for forests

Doctors for forests

The boycott woodchipping campaign

The Central Highlands Alliance

Community Environmental Monitoring

Environment Defenders Office (legals)

Obsolete Local Links

Goolengook slide show

Wombat Forest Society

Direct Action



TWS, East Gippsland

Forest Fact File

Western Region Environment Centre

Yarra Ranges Environment Coalition

Cobaw-Wombat Forest Action Group

Links to Australian National sites

The NSW Good Wood Guide - Friends of the Earth (VIC) - Rainforest Information Centre (NSW) - N.E. Forest Alliance (NSW) - Native Forest Network (Local and International) - Huon Valley Environment Centre (Tas) - Tasmania - Tasmania - Tasmania, Tarkine. - Tasmania (Value adding project) - Timber Workers for Forest - Tasmania - Tourism operators for forest - Doctors for Forests (Tas.) - Greenpeace Pacific campaign - Australian Rainforest Conservation Society - NSW - NSW - SE NSW - Nature Conservation Council (NSW) - NSW - Boral Green Shareholders Western Australian Forest Alliance - Western Australia - National, political - Australian Conservation Foundation - The Wilderness Society - Forest Rescue


Links to international sites

Environmental Investigation Agency - Forest Monitors, Global - US

PNG, Rimbunan Hijau Watch - - US, Great site for consumer info. - Forest Ecology Network, Maine US - corruption in the US and violence against activists - US - Rainforest Action Network US - Forest Conservation Portal US - Eco Earth - US - Cascadia Forest Alliance US - Boreal Forest Network - Russia - World Rainforest Movement - Sarawak, Malaysia - Spain - Africa - European Forest Institute (independent) - Community Forestry - Endgame provide profiles and details of corporate pirates

Links to forest links - GreenNet Directory Australian Forests - European Tropical Forest Research Network - US - NFNs links - Strezlecki links - OREN links - RIC, Forest Group Links - Ecoforestry defined and links - TWS links - Greenpeace Links - Futureaus - NSW - Grab bag of forest related links - Forestry and related Websites

Environmental Directories - FoE Melbourne links - GreenNet - Ecoforestry defined and links - RIC - Profiles of global corporations

Odds and ends




fire - A good timber company!

David Suzuki - Green consciousness - tips for home - ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS: SUSTAINABILITY, COMPETITION, & FORESTRY (US) - Environmentally Friendly Photocopy Paper - Current Prices                - Ethical Investments - Food and agriculture organisation - environment general - Forest alternatives - BIODIVERSITY and CONSERVATION A Hypertext Book by Peter J. Bryant School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine - Tony Quolls page - Box - Ironbark Forests & Woodlands Investigation - Museum Victoria - Museum Victoria on old growth

plantations - CSIRO on wood treatments (mad scientists) - papers from plantation conference - Documents on plantation effects - Exposes Australian Papers practices - BOYCOTT JOHN HANCOCK INSURANCE COMPANY & Hancock Timber Resources Group

ecoforestry - Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - Forest certifiers - low impact forestry - mixed species indigenous tree plantations - Forest Ecology Network, Maine US

water - Catchment Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology - Native Fish Australia   - Brendas Water Page (Tas.) - Victorian government greenwash - US - Loddon River (Vic.) - Corporate!



Strange - - WTO to disband... :-)

Miscellaneous - TREES OF AUSTRALIA - Viridans biological databases - WoodLink by the Victorian Woodworkers' Association - Oz toxics network - ARTICLES, COMMUNITY STORIES, ESSAYS, POEMS AND PAPERS ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY - Environmental Issues - Conservation vision in US -, activists - environment news service - Biological Web Sites - Australasian Legal Information Institute - Aquatic Ape Theory

Industry propaganda and info. - Public Land Council of Victoria - Industry "intelligence" ... oxymoron ;-) - from the bowels of Uncle $am - Very Victorian association of forest industries - Environmental nightmare - ditto - Bush ab/Users Group? - Visy Group - the truth about Visy - propaganda links - wood market research organisation US


North Ltd were uranium miners and woodchippers .When the heat got too much they simply sold out and moved on. Corporations have no trouble in avoiding their responsibilities. Corporate practices need governance and regulation so that future generations are not disadvantaged by current standards (or lack of them).